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Palm beach water purification’s Iron Breaker III by Charger well water filtration system effectively removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from municipal or well water with high level of both.

Removing Iron From Drinking Water requires a specially designed well water filtration system.  Iron in your water leads to orange or red staining in appliances, clothing, toilet bowls, sidewalks and the sides of your house from sprinkling. Palm Beach Water Purification Iron Breaker III by Charger  Tanks is a low maintenance cost-effective to remove iron and manganese.

Please understand that water softeners and regular well water filtration systems will not remove high levels of iron. In fact, high levels of iron will cause them to work less effectively.

Palm Beach Water Purification’s Iron Breaker III by Charger Filter will also remove 2-3 ppm of hydrogen sulfide, which gives the water a rotten egg smell.

Unlike most of the whole house well water filtration systems designed to remove iron, Palm Beach Water Purification’s is:

  • Affordable
  • Relatively maintenance free
  • Does not require on going purchase of chemicals
  • Automatically backwashes
  • Long lasting


Iron, one of the challenging “troublesome-trio”, in its various states is one of the most easily recognized and treatable water quality problems.

Iron Stains
Damage To Expensive Equipment
Dingy Clothing And Linens
Unpleasant Taste and Smell In Water


Ferric hydroxide or Ferric iron is visible in water and gives it a rust color because of oxidation. Unpleasant rusty color may be visible with particles of Iron as small as 50 microns.


Ferrous bicarbonate is clear water iron meaning that it starts “clear” but becomes rusty when exposed to air (or other oxidizers). Staining and unpleasant taste may be noticeable in as little as 0.2 ppm of Iron.


While it’s not considered a health threat; it can cause severe staining and damage fixtures and water treatment equipment. Most often found to be an esthetic nuisance with taste and odor issues.
*Note May require disinfection equipment


The benefit are just amazing. Once installed and just as promise the benefit are immediate. All your sulfur and iron problem will be eliminated and you will finally start enjoying water from your tap.

No More Sulfur Odor

Get rid of that unbearable rotten egg smell form you water once and for all and start taking longer and more refreshing bath.

Three Benefit In One

One filter that will remove iron, sulfur, and Manganese.

Without Filter
With Filter

Poor skin: When someone drinks water with excessive amounts of iron, they may experience negative effects on their skin. Because minerals, like iron or magnesium, can damage healthy skin cells, people may notice early onset of wrinkles. Additionally, because water and iron don’t physically mix well, people may notice leftover soap residue after showering or bathing. This soap buildup can also cause skin problems.

Iron overload: Iron overload is a health effect caused by a mutation in the gene responsible for digesting iron. While this disorder isn’t extremely common, it’s still a reason to consider removing iron from water. Iron overload can lead to hemochromatosis — which can cause damage to the liver, heart, and pancreas. There are plenty of health concerns associated with too much iron intake, which is one of the main reasons people on well water should schedule annual water testing.

Plumbing issues: If a home’s water is filled with iron, it may lead to plumbing issues. Excessive iron can leave behind a residue, which can then build up and cause clogging. When this occurs, homeowners may experience reduced water pressure or slow draining. This is yet another reason to consider removing iron from water. Plumbing problems can cost homeowners big time — in fact, a leaky sink or pipe can waste about 900 billion gallons of water each year.

Metallic taste: While a bad taste isn’t a major concern when it comes to water contamination, it can certainly make food and drink less appealing. Without the right water treatment, iron can lead to a metallic taste in food and drink. Overall, a bad taste from drinking and cooking water is never a good sign. So while normal levels of iron in drinking water won’t have a negative impact on human health or well being, excessive amounts can certainly do harm. If you’re noticing any of the signs of excessive iron in your drinking water, make sure to get your water tested sooner rather than later.