Water Filter or Water Purifier, What’s the Difference??

Most small faucet-mount or filtration pitchers like Brita or Pur were designed to improve the taste of contaminated water and you can buy them from just about any store, but the problem is they do not REMOVE contaminates like chlorine or lead, they only reduce them. So, spending your hard-earned money on one of these type filters is almost like only smoking one pack of cigarettes per day instead of two packs, you are still harming yourself – you’re just doing it slower. It’s really funny that on the packaging in the small print on one of these filters it says “this filter should not be used with contaminated water” – wait, WHAT???

If you are really serious about purifying your water and removing the many harmful toxins, chemicals and contaminates in your water it is going to take a lot more than one of the above-mentioned filters. To remove the arsenic, fluoride, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and the many other toxins that are likely to be in your tap water, you will need a much better-quality water treatment system. A filtration pitcher or faucet-mount filter bought at Target or Walmart just won’t do the job.

Let me mention before I go any further that a water filter is not really what you want. A water purifier is what you need. A filter will only reduce a couple of contaminates in your water, a purifier will restore your water back to what the good Lord created it to be.

Before you invest in a water purification system, find out what chemicals and toxins are actually in your tap water. You can either have a sample of your water tested professionally by a lab or you can check with your local water utility company as they (by law) must report what is lurking in the public drinking water. After finding out what your issues are make sure that the water purification system that you are investing in will remove the pollutants and restore your water to its natural state,

You’ll also want to find out how often you need to change cartridges and what other maintenance your new purification system requires to function properly. Many water treatment systems require high amounts of maintenance.

This next part is extremely important to remember, so pay attention. A quality water purification system WILL PAY FOR ITSELF in a short period of time, especially if you typically buy bottled water, so when it comes to the water that your family will live on – cheaper is NEVER better!! It’s worth every penny to invest in the best quality purification system that fits into your budget.

At Palm Beach Water Purification our systems will remove more chemicals, toxins, poisons, contaminants etc. than any other water treatment system on the market, and we make our water purification systems affordable for everyone with easy monthly payment plans. For about the price of buying a case or two of bottled water per week at your local grocery store you can have clean, purified water throughout your entire home. Our water purifiers require very little to no maintenance at all and our patented technology in our cartridges allow them to last up to two years before requiring replacement – this is much longer than other water treatment systems.

Stop procrastinating and give us a call today! You are already spending more on bottled water and cheap filters that mentioned earlier than the cost of one of our water purification systems.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to help you and your family have the water your all deserve.