Whole House Water System​

PALM BEACH WATER PURIFICATION’s system will turn tap water into “crystal clear” healthier, fresher water you can trust for all your household needs.


Skin feels softer / Hair becomes silkier

Reduces spotting

Prevents scale giving your water a softer feel

Reduces build up in pipes and appliances so items like water heaters run more efficiently, SAVING YOU MONEY

Effectively removes/reduces chlorine, sediment, VOC’s, and herbicides, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, such as cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

Water Purification

How to Choose the Best Water Filter System

Water quality can vary house to house, so it’s important to understand what’s in your water before you decide on the right type of filter. A free water test can tell you how hard your water is, how much iron is present, if there is chlorine in the water and to what amount, and can also tell you the pH of your water. While all of these are important and can go a long way to helping you understand your water quality and what needs to be done to improve your water, a full laboratory analysis is the most complete solution for water testing. 

Once you’ve performed a water test, a Palm Beach Water Purification  expert can help you identify the best filter. PBWP’s vast network of professional, qualified technicians  can you help you through this process so you don’t waste money on filters that aren’t right for your water and your home.

How Whole House Filters Work

Filters come in many different shapes and sizes. Some need to be removed and replaced on a regular basis while others “backwash” and clean themselves so you can enjoy cleaner water without the hassle of filter changes. Regardless of whether you chose disposable filters or automatic backwashing filters, each will come in a variety of types and sizes. Some are designed to filter chlorine and organics, while others are made to filter particles like iron, manganese and sediment. 

 These filters are installed where the water enters your home so that you can enjoy the benefits of clean water throughout your house.