Premium Series water softener

Premium Series water softener

Remove Hardness From Your Water With Our Premium Series Water Softeners & Conditioners

Our Premium Series water conditioners with our advanced electronics, provide greater efficiency and typically require 50% less salt compared to competitive softeners. An audible alarm is also standard to remind you when additional salt should be added. Premium Series systems come with a LIFETIME limited warranty for quality assurance.

 Premium Series water softener

A Palm Beach Water Purification Premium Series water softener is our most efficient and economical solution for your hard water problems. Our proprietary electronics package automatically adjust regeneration cycles and brine requirements based on your water reducing your salt consumption by hundreds of pounds annually. Constructed using the highest grade products, components, and materials available from our US based manufactures.  All Palm Beach Water Purification Branded systems are assembled, built, and designed in our 67,000 sq.ft. facility in Ocala, Florida.

The Premium Series water softener is  our latest technology, committed to reducing water and salt use through innovation and quality. No other technology can match the softening performance of a salt based system to remove the scale producing minerals in your water. Premium Series Water Softeners are widely used on both private wells and city water applications that contain hardness minerals. Not only will you save money at the grocery store and use less chemicals battling the effects of hard water, but your sensitive skin, appliances, shower heads, fixtures, and plumbing will thank you

How Water Softeners Work

Major components

Major components of our Premium Series water softener include our Premium Series control valve with proprietary electronics, designed to provide greater efficiency, by-pass valve to isolate the unit if necessary, pipe fittings, pressure tank, brine tank to contain the softener salt, ion exchange resin, gravel under bedding to provide even flow distribution, riser tube with bottom distributor and water softener salt, used to strip hardness minerals from the resin beads.

How water softeners work

The process whereby hardness minerals are removed from your water is described as follows:

  1. Water flow through the resin bed.
  2. As water flows through the ion exchange resin, hardness minerals (Calcium & Magnesium) are attracted to the resin and are removed from the water.
  3. Eventually, the resin reaches its capacity and resin must be cleaned. (This process is called “regeneration”.)
  4. The Premium Series control valve initiates the “cleaning process”, based on gallons used (not time).
  5. During the cleaning process, brine water flows through the resin and the hardness minerals become attached to the sodium in the brine water.
  6. After a period of time, the resin is rinsed so no salt will be added to the water.


As water flows through the resin bed, hardness minerals are removed by the ion exchange resin.  Eventually, however, the resin reaches its capacity and must be cleaned.  This process is called, “regeneration”.

Premium Series valves are metered, which it calculates when this cleaning process must occur.

This cleaning process is described as follows:

  1. Brine tank refill. Here, water is added to the brine tank for make-up water for brine water. Because this cycle is first, conditioned water is used for the brine tank make-up water.
  2. This is an upward flow to remove any particles and clean the resin.
  3. Brine draw / rinse. This important step is when brine water flows through the resin to remove the hardness minerals. During this cycle, hardness minerals become unattached from the resin and are attracted to the water softener resin.
  4. 2nd During this up-flow cycle, salt is rinsed off the ion exchange resin.
  5. An additional cycle to rinse salt off the resin in a down-flow direction.
  6. This is when water flows through the softener and into your house.

Save money!

  • Protects expensive appliances
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Less soap!
  • Less shampoo!
  • Less detergent needed!
  • Less cleaning supplies!


Enjoy many benefits with soft, conditioned water. Save money too, with fewer plumbing repairs, less damage to expensive water related appliances and by requiring up to 40% less soap, shampoo and detergent.

Squeaky Clean
Brighter, softer laundry
No more “bad hair days”
Softer Skin

Bad Hair Days

The undissolved soap and shampoo remains in your hard, making your hair difficult to manage. Your hairdresser will know when you have hard water!

Dry, Itchy Skin

The undissolved soap also clogs the pores of your, making your skin dry and itchy, preventing your natural oils to moisturize your skin.

Dull, Dingy Laundry

When water is hard, your laundry is dull, stiff and dingy since laundry detergents do not fully dissolve. More detergent is needed with hard water, so you save money when you enjoy soft water from Safeway Water!

Iron Stains

Iron stains are an annoyance, and Iron may leave a metallic taste to your water. If you have Iron in your well water, we can fix this with our highly popular Iron Zapper® system.

Soap Residue

The second major problem with hard water is the fact soaps, detergents and shampoo do not fully dissolve in hard water. This undissolved soap sticks to your shower doors resulting in extra work to keep surfaces clean.

Water Hardness

The most common problem with well water is water hardness. When water is “hard” calcium scale forms on plumbing fixtures and in pipes, resulting in damage to your expensive appliances.