Bottled Water is Part of the Problem- Not the Solution

Government standards for bottled water are actually less strict than for tap water. These federal regulations only require bottled water companies to test for a few of the hundreds of known chemical contaminants that may possible be in the water. Bottled water is also far more expensive and much less convenient. It is a lot less expensive to own your own Water filtration system when you consider the time and costs associated with bottled water. Also, your water filtration system will make it easier to use the water for many purposes such as cooking and bathing. Treating your own water at home will eliminate the need for storing huge plastic bottles and supply you with unlimited clean, clear purified water, right at the tap, at a price that is far less than buying bottled water.

Another huge issue is that the use of bottled water is absolutely killing the environment. Do a little research on where all the empty plastic water bottles go.